'No tuve el cielo pero te tuve en mi cama y con eso me bastaba no necesitaba nada.'

martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009


a white demon /Grr/

and I only need one thing in this world .. be FREE.
and I only will be free without you, without you in all meanings ..because you love me I know ... and I love you but .. now you don't need me and I don't need
you .. so we are stranges. You were my world but today you're nothing for me.. it's hard to understand me but I think that other people can understand me perfectly.
It's a new way to survive ..survive without you and it's the same that you're doing
and all seems is ok .. but in your heart there's love .. there's fury ..there's necessity of me .. and necessesity of feel sure.
but my life isn't to suffer .. it's for enjoy .
I won't forget you .. but I won't be for you forever ..

a new life:3

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